Join us for the annual Masonic Communication event under the United Grand Lodge of Georgia, a prestigious Masonic assembly where brethren worldwide convene to reinforce fraternal bonds, exchange knowledge, and celebrate the enduring principles of Freemasonry.

Annual Masonic Communication in Georgia 6023


Annual Masonic Assembly event

History of The United Grand Lodge of Georgia
Freemasonry has a rich and intricate history within the Caucasian region, including Georgia. Throughout the 19th century, Freemasonry gained popularity among the Georgian aristocracy and played a significant role in shaping the country's political and cultural landscape. Many notable intellectuals, artists, and politicians of that era were members of Masonic lodges.

However, during the Soviet period, Freemasonry faced prohibition and persecution, much like numerous other religious and fraternal organizations. Consequently, Masonic activities in Georgia largely vanished until the 1990s, when the nation reclaimed its independence from the Soviet Union.
Since then, Freemasonry has witnessed a revival in Georgia. This resurgence has led to the establishment of new lodges and the revival of older ones. Presently, Georgia hosts multiple active Masonic lodges, with a presence in cities like Tbilisi and Batumi.
On August 25th, 6018 A.L., the United Grand Lodge of Georgia conducted the consecration ceremony to mark its initiation, located to the east of Tbilisi.

The ceremony was presided over by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Germany. The roles of Senior and Junior Wardens were fulfilled by the Grand Masters of the Grand Orient of the Netherlands and the National Grand Lodge of Poland, respectively. The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia was inaugurated, and key grand officers were nominated and installed, ensuring representation for all Worshipful Lodges.

Regular Freemasonry is flourishing within the territory of Georgia under the auspices of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia. This development takes place in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, while strictly adhering to the principles of the Ancient Landmarks and upholding the customs and practices of the Craft.
Message from the Grand Master
With deep respect and joy in my heart, I, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Georgia, cordially invite you to the Masonic Assembly, scheduled for September 16, 2023, in our magnificent city of Tbilisi.

The history of Georgian Freemasonry, with roots reaching back to ancient times, attests to the unwavering commitment of our people to the high ideals and principles upon which Freemasonry is founded. The Georgian land has, throughout the centuries, witnessed countless acts of valor, friendship, and fraternity. For a Georgian, brotherhood is not merely a word. It is an innate sentiment, deeply rooted in our souls; it is the legacy of our ancestors and the promise of our future.
We value each and every one of you, dear brethren, and extend special gratitude to those who will journey from distant jurisdictions to unite with us on this significant day. Your presence strengthens us, reminding us that our brotherhood knows no boundaries.

As we approach this momentous event, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your support and solidarity. May the Great Architect of the Universe preserve each and every one of you.
Annual Communication Programme
September 15th
All day
Arrivals at Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS)
Check-in for guests at the Hotel
Departure from the Hotel
Grandmaster’s Dinner
(For this event only the heads of delegation alongside with their ladies are welcome, dress-code: Business casual)
Departure to the Hotel
September 16th
City tour
Guided tour and sightseeing for ladies
Grand Lodge Meeting
Grand Lodge Meeting
(Dress-code: Black tie & Full regalia. Guests are welcome to present gifts)
Gala Dinner
(For this event, the heads of the delegation, alongside with their ladies and all brethren, are welcome., Dress-code: Black tie)
September 17th
All day
Throughout the day the United Grand Lodge of Georgia organizes the transfers from the Hotel to the Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS)
About the Masonic Annual Communication 2023
The Masonic Annual Communication in Georgia stands as a revered occasion that unites the finest intellects and spirits within this nation. This event bears the hallmark of its time-honored and rich history intertwined with the illustrious tapestry of the Masonic brotherhood.

The Masonic Annual Communication in Georgia is orchestrated in an enigmatic and grandiose setting, meticulously selected to infuse a distinctive energy and ambiance. It provides participants with a precious opportunity to convene and impart their knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

Within this yearly assemblage of Masons, a spectrum of ceremonies, rituals, and rites is conducted, each carrying profound symbolic significance. Attendees engage in discourse encompassing philosophical and spiritual themes, all while acquainting themselves with contemporary explorations across diverse fields of knowledge.

Integral to the Masonic Annual Communication is the cross-sharing of insights and wisdom among attendees hailing from various lodges.
Reciprocal education takes center stage during this event, facilitating the broadening of horizons and personal development. Yet, beyond education and knowledge exchange, the Masonic Annual Communication serves another crucial purpose – the fusion of minds and spirits within the Masonic brotherhood. It is a birthplace of mutual understanding, harmony, and enduring bonds that extend far beyond the event's confines.

This exceptional event mirrors the Masonic aspiration of contributing to humanity and advocating for peace and benevolence. The participants of the Masonic Annual Communication both embody and disseminate these principles, striving to enrich the world and foster greater harmony.

In summation, the Masonic Annual Communication in Georgia emerges as a significant and noble affair that converges members of the Masonic brotherhood from diverse corners of the globe. It nurtures an environment conducive to the exchange of wisdom, learning, and spiritual maturation, while simultaneously fortifying amicable and resilient connections among participants.
Last year's assembly
Lodges that are part of the UGLG
W.L. “Golden Fleece” No. 1
SINCE 6011
W.L. “King David the Builder” No. 2
SINCE 6013
W.L. “Saint George” No. 3
SINCE 6013
W.L. “Saint Queen Tamar” No. 4
SINCE 6013
W.L. “Prometheus” No. 5
SINCE 6013
W.L. “Tbilisi” No. 6
SINCE 6013
W.L. ''Ilia Martali” No. 7
SINCE 6015
W.L. “George V the Brilliant” No. 8
SINCE 6015
W.L. “A. Griboedov” No. 9
SINCE 6015
W.L. “Vazi” No. 10
SINCE 6015
W.L. “Mozart” No. 11
SINCE 6016
WL “Knights of Light” No. 12
SINCE 6016
WL “Uplistsikhe” No. 13
SINCE 6016